NBCC Journalism Presents – Juniper: An Uncertain Future

The tiny community of Juniper sits in the middle of the boggy, dense spruce forests that blanket central and northern New Brunswick.  Juniper was once surrounded by hearty woodland, separated only by the many streams and rivers that spread like veins across the forest floor.  Now large areas of clear-cuts divide the landscape, leaving vast areas bald and bruised.

The community, once prosperous, is now feeling like those razed forests.  Cut down, exposed and trying to find a way to grow again, people in Juniper are fearful.

Two sawmill operations methodically cut back production and eventually shut their doors. These closures, coupled with the loss of the Juniper Elementary School, have left the tiny and somewhat remote community struggling to survive.

Many in and around Juniper believe the provincial and federal governments have forgotten them.  This series tells their story….


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